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Racism, Anti-Semitism; What Are They?

Racism, Anti-Semitism; What Are They?
By: Willie Martin

During the Korean Police Action, 1950-53, a new word was introduced to the English language. It was “brainwashing.” Our enemies in Red China had a more descriptive term for it, they call it “thought control.” They introduced it to their people through a science called “Psychopolitics,” which is the

“art of controlling the thinking of an entire body of people, so that they will obey you without question.”

Some Christians immediately become “touchy” when we say “White Christian Civilization,” as though we meant that salvation does not apply to all. This is not our meaning! But if you are honest, you will have to admit, that only the White Nations have openly responded to the Gospel message. Colored nations have only been reached at great expense, effort and often danger.

For many centuries the West was Christendom and its White Civilization was indubitably Christian: that, whether you like it or not, is an historical fact.

Only the White nations have founded their constitutions on God’s Word; in them alone, is a day set aside for the worship of our God, and the rest of the body. A well-known atheist once said: “The strength of England can be found in their Sunday day of rest and worship.”

In recent years, in America in particular, there has been a plan underway in our educational system and the media, to make White People ashamed of being White. We are indoctrinated daily with a “guilt complex.” While it is perfectly acceptable for a Black to believe and preach that “Black is beautiful,” FOR A WHITE TO DO THE SAME WILL BRING CRIES OF “RACIST” FROM THE PRESS AND THE JUDEO- CHRISTIAN PULPITS OF AMERICA.

While it is considered proper for a Jew to talk about his Jewishness, and the lie about his “Chosen People” status, you are considered to be a “religious bigot,” if you believe the Truth, that the White People of Christendom, are the True Chosen People of the Book.

As the result of this strange “lopsided” thinking, and because most of us have been sloshed around in the “liberal mind-detergent” of our times. This is a mind cleaning detergent made up of one once of fact, dissolved in a gallon of hogwash or bs. We have seen a strange and very sad thing happen in America, as our White Boys and Girls are being taught to be ashamed of their heritage.

While I am not a “racial supremist,” (although I will be branded this and many things much worse, at least by some peoples thinking. But actually when they brand me with some name they think is bad, they are actually branding themselves as such, because if they were not what they were what they are calling me, the thought would never have entered their minds. So when one calls you a racist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semite and etc., remember they are the same thing and many times worse) I am a “racist” if believing in one’s own people and wanting to help them, makes one so. I go by these observable facts and many more:

1). Only our White People have openly accepted the Gospel and Christianity.

2). Only our White People have abolished slavery. England first in 1854, followed by the United States in 1865.

3). Our nations send out 98% of all Christian literature and missionaries.

4). Our White nations are the one’s which feed the world’s starving.

5). Our White nations are the one’s who send aid when there has been a great catastrophe.

6). It is only our White nations that have based their governments on God’s Laws.

If it makes you feel proud to see the accomplishments of the White Christian world, then according to the present “political” doctrine, you are a “racist or anti-Semitic!”

There is surely no nation in the world that holds “racism” and “Anti-Semitism” in greater horror than does the people in the United States. Compared to other kinds of offenses, it is thought to be somehow more reprehensible, than rape or murder - certainly more so than the murder of “innocent” unborn babies. The national media and public have become so used to tales of murder, rape, robbery, and arson, that any but the most spectacular crimes are shrugged off as part of the inevitable texture of American life.

This is a very small portion of a rather large article by Willie Martin. I very much suggest that you all read it, even the atheists and such, because it is a very good article.
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